How I Saved 5000 rs on Shopping

I was shopping for AC and computer components to build a custom PC for my home office yesterday. I prefer online shopping to offline shopping for convenience and savings. I can always find good discounts and offers in an online shop rather than offline shops. These days, I learned one more lesson that I would

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one cement bag gone?

Yesterday, after lunch, I was returning from our first house to the second house through the backside door. I guess the time was around 3:30pm… When I came to my home office, I noticed something strange near the house construction spot from my window. Two guys came by scooty, and the building contractor put one

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A farm house in a village

This morning, I got an email from one of our reader. Below is his email: Hi Your emails are too good. Any experience with regards to building a house in a large plot / sort of a farm house in a village? Landscaping plans, planning trees, laying pipes for watering, motor, long Distance electricals and

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