Today, I called a cook to our house to discuss about preparing non-veg food for our housewarming function visitors and house construction labours .

Some house owners arrange non-veg food after the housewarming function, and some skip this.

People who arrange they will do it after 1 or 2 months after doing pooja in their new house. As some owners avoid eating non-veg food for some days after performing homa’s.

We also stopped eating non-veg food for some days, as recommended by our astrologer.

Our time is over, so I’m arranging non-veg food for housewarming visitors in our new house.

I’m a non-veg lover, and It’s important for me to arrange this…

To discuss this with the cook, we called the cook to our house today, and he also visited.

All discussion went…

He agreed to our requirements.

We agreed to his requirements.

Everything went well, and I paid a token advance of ₹500. Unlike earlier, some cook collected ₹8,000 in advance and didn’t show up at the lost moment.

If you don’t know that story, search my blog and learn from it.

It’s an important lesson that I learned. Thankfully, somehow, I got an alternative cook on the function day!

Or else I cannot imagine our situation on the function day…


Whenever any important discussion happens with contractors these days, I follow tips I shared inside my House Construction Tracking System.

In today’s discussion, I followed tips shared in the 4.6, 4.10, and 4.11 sections. It may not be necessary, but that small stuff helps a lot if something goes wrong.

I recommend you follow those simple tips I shared inside my House Construction Tracking System when dealing with your contractors.

It is a lesson I learned from dealing with a few bad contractors.

If you are interested to learn, visit the below link:

That’s all for today.