before you PAUSE construction work

Anytime you think about to PAUSE construction work for some days, you should remember one thing.

Starting back will be difficult..

If you pause any ongoing work, usually what happens is contractors will assign laborers to another site.

And once laborers start working on other sites, they usually change only after finishing some particular task; till that time, you have to wait.

You will be tired of calling your contractor to send workers to your building.

Some contractors will tell straightly, but most of them won’t. They will keep telling a few random stories to you. They will come today, tomorrow, etc., like that.

This may not happen all the time, but most of the time, it happens.

There are some cases like – you have to pause your work after you are done molding/RCC work for curing. In such pauses, contractors will plan properly and allocate laborers on time. You just have to inform them when to restart work again as early as possible.

But If you take a break for personal reasons, you should inform your contractors as soon as possible when you will be starting back work.

The earlier you inform, the more easier for your contractor plan and allocate laborers to your site.

Don’t get upset with your contractor if they didn’t start immediately when you to told to begin again.

Keep in mind, don’t unwantedly stop work again and again without a strong valid reason. 

Ha… I have already started working on my House Construction Tracking System guide; it could take a few more days to get it ready.

That’s all I have to say today.

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