Planning to construct House in India? if this is your first time then you might be interested in knowing House construction steps in India.

Here in this post I and my Dad will be sharing all the house construction activity starting from purchasing of the site to finishing the construction of our house.

We are not a Civil Engineer nor a contractor.

We are just a casual user like you who went through our house construction process and we will be documenting all the steps, difficulties, mistakes we did, things we learned while constructing our house and many more things in this blog.

This blog is purely written for Indian user who is planning to construct their first house in India.

I’m sure reading through all the articles on this blog will surely help during your house construction process.

In house construction, mainly 2 types of construction contract contractors currently doing. They are..

1) Labour Contract

In a Labour contract, the contractor’s job is to supply labor’s and get the construction job done.

Here in this type of contract, the owner has to supply contract required materials (cement, steel, bricks, etc.,) and the contractor supplies his laborer to construct a house.

In labour contract, contractor don’t take any responsibility on construction matrials.

2) Material Contract

In Material contracts, contractors handle both construction materials and laborers as well.

In this type of contract, your job is to monitor the construction process that’s it.

In material contract, your involvement is quite less compared to labor contract work.

In this blog I mainly share information about Labour contract house construction process.

Labour Contract House construction process in India involves a lot of activities. These construction activities could vary slightly from place to place. In most cases, these activities generally apply all over India with little or small changes in construction steps.

By understanding these house construction stages, I’m sure you will get some basic idea.

Below is the list of house construction activity we have gone through during our house construction in Bangalore, Karanataka in 2018.

Steps of House Construction Activity in India

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  1. Purchasing of Site
    1. Document verification
  2. Building Design - House Plan, Structural details, Estimation of the building and Front elevation designs
  3. Government Approval
  4. Bhoomi Pooja for House Construction
  5. Site Leveling
  6. Bore Well
  7. Consult Contractors
    1. Building Construction contractor
    2. Earthwork contractor
    3. Wooden carpentry work contractor
    4. Electrical contractor
    5. Plumbing contractor
    6. Tails fixing contractor
    7. Granite laying contractor
    8. Painting contractor
    9. Gas pipeline laying contractor
  8. Temporary Shed construction
  9. A Temporary power supply arrangement
  10. Site marking
  11. Excavation in Construction
  12. PCC Bed for Footing
  13. Water curing
  14. Sump construction
  15. Mat Laying and Column Standing
  16. Footing Concreting
  17. Raising Pillar Till Plinth Level
  18. Digging Earth for Foundation Work
  19. Size Stone Masonry
  20. Soil Backfilling
  21. Plinth Beam Building
  22. Piller raising to 7 feet
  23. All Doors frame fixing and leveling
  24. Wall construction up to 3 feet
  25. Window frame fixing
  26. Setup lintel and sajja to window and door level
  27. Raise pillers 10 feet above the plinth level
  28. Raise walls 10 feet above the plinth level
  29. Centering for beam and also roof
  30. Consult for an electrical contractor for provision of roof pipes
  31. Fix centering plates on the water level
  32. Cover all the gaps between the plates
  33. Apply oil to the plates and spread mat over the area
  34. Bar bending work for beams and roofs
  35. Electrical pipes run inside the roofs and beams before molding
  36. Molding and Steps construction
  37. After 12 Hours of molding
  38. After 21 days, remove centering materials
  39. Construct safety grill/Safety Rcc wall around the terrace
  40. Check electric pipes blockage in the RCC
  41. Electrical, Dish line, and Internet marking
  42. Incommer supply box fixing
  43. Electrical pipeline laying inside the house
  44. Plumbing work for the kitchen, bathroom, and wherever required
  45. Laying of water pipes and sewage pipes till the outside wall
  46. Setup Western/Indian toilet to the bathroom
  47. Close all water pipes and sewage pipes with end caps inside and outside
  48. Gas pipeline laying inside and outside wall
  49. Fix kitchen Platform, sink, and Shelves in the kitchen room
  50. Start inside wall and roof plastering
  51. Wherever tails fixing Inside or Outside walls, provide rough plastering
  52. Painting 1. Birla white cement as to plaster for smooth finishing - 2 coats 2. One coat of primer paint inside the wall 3. Final coat painting
  53. Wall tails fixing
  54. Floor tails or Granite laying
  55. Outside wall plastering
  56. Outside plumbing work and tank fixing
  57. Outside one coat primer and one coat painting
  58. Inside and Outside plumbing material fixing
  59. Electrical switch box cover fixing and wiring
  60. Electrical accessories fixing inside the building
  61. Laying of an electrical service line for Permanent connection
  62. Digging of Electrical Earthing Pit
  63. Digging of Toilet/Septic Pit
  64. Swege line connection to drainage
  65. Parking tails fixing
  66. Compound wall construction around the building
  67. Main gate
  68. Front elevation

Above is all the house construction activity we did while constructing our house. There could be a few extra or fewer steps involved depending on your requirements.

If you have any doubt or any suggestion feel free to share on below comment section.