I’m back from my village. 

A lot of changes have happened since my last visit. 

One thing I noticed about most of those new buildings in my village is… Front Elevation/Exterior Wall Tiles. 

2 by 4 

Double glazed Tiles

While constructing our second building, I remember that when we shopped for Tiles, we chose Normal Tiles for our outside wall cladding.  


Our Tiles supplier didn’t agree to those normal tiles… and he was forcing us to go with “2 by 4 Double glazed Tiles”.

Due to our budget, we were saying ’****NO’… and the Tiles supplier advised us not to go with normal tiles.

The conversation went on for 2 more days… like this.

He knows we are not going with 2 by 4 tiles due to our budget.

So Finally… he offered some more 


I don’t know why the Tiles shop owner tried convincing US to take only 2 by 4 Tiles for front elevation/exterior walls. 

He tried to convince us to go for 2 by 4 Tiles.

After so much time… we finally took his suggestion to go with 2 by 4 Tiles when offered additional DISCOUNT.

This is ONE of the 


we Took


It gives a PREMIUM LOOK to our Building.

If I had gone with my old budget-based decision… I probably could have regretted it a lot. 

In my village itself, all new buildings are going with 2 by 4 tiles for exterior wall cladding. 

And me… 🤭

(Thanks to my Tiles supplier.) 


If you are on a Tight budget, at least buy for exterior walls. 

Now every time I see walls. I feel happy about taking that decision.

Okay… Now I need to sell something.

If you buy many tiles, properly keep track of the Tiles they deliver. The payment you make, the Conversation you have with your Tiles supplier, the Returns you send, etc., 

Not all tiles suppliers send your ordered Tiles all at once. And with your busy house construction schedule, you may forget some transactions/communication. 

I recommend everyone keep proper track of everything you do. If you need my way of proper tracking, you can learn at:


If you already bought it, read and implement what I shared there. It could save you when a problem arises.