Yesterday, an interesting thing happened while I was going on an AUTO to take my dad’s honda shine bike from the Honda service center. 

I booked Ola Auto to reach the service center.

While traveling, the auto driver and I started casually speaking… 

The auto driver asked - “Sir, which payment method did you choose?”

I Answered, “Cash.”

The driver requested me to change the payment method to Online Payment. 

Me suddenly shocked 😲

This is the first time some auto guy requesting me to change Cash to Ola money in the past 3 years of using the Ola App.

I immediately changed the payment mode and made a payment.

While having a conversation, he said he is a BMTC Bus driver, and he is driving Ola for a part-time job. 

(At that time, I got to know he is not a ‘pro auto driver’… so only he asked to pay Online, and also, he is talking nicely 🙂)

Like how BMTC bus driver driving Auto… Civil construction laborers also do other tasks apart from civil work. 

All you need to do is, ask nicely to your building contractor to send their laborer to do other work.  

For example:

Instead of using Earth work laborer to do earthwork, you can use your building contractor laborer. 

They do the same work… but you save on the laborer cost.

Earthwork laborers cost around ₹900 per day. 

Building contractor laborers do the same work for just ₹600 per day.

And now you keep the SAVINGS. 

We learned this lesson while constructing our first building and followed implementing it while constructing our second building time. 

The only thing you need to remember is… you have to keep track of such out-of-scope work somewhere properly. 

The House construction tracking system is where I explained how I track such details.