If you want to know how much it would cost to maintain an inverter for home use.

Here is my experience of owning it.

Currently, we use a Luminous inverter and 2 luminous battery setups in our house.

Inverter cost usually depends on the number of batteries you use.

Most house owners use only 1 Battery setup, which is sufficient to maintain a few lights for a few hours.

If you go with 1 battery setup, you cannot use a fan on it.

If you use it, the backup power will go down too fast. 

We use a 2-battery setup, which can easily give backup for up to 12 hours in our house.

With Inverter power, we use:

- Fans

- Lights

- Internet setup (Switches, router etc.)

- CCTV setup

- PC etc.,

Expect fan all other things will be in ON condition continuously.

We installed our Inverter on 29/10/2018 till 26/07/2023 we only had one incident where our inverter power was over, and it got switched off.

I guess we managed almost 12+ hours with only inverter power that day.

It’s almost 5 years now.

Here is how much it costs us to maintain it.

The only maintenance cost we are getting is battery maintenance.

Battery needs Distilled water twice or thrice a year. This is the only cost you will be paying. 

On average, you can consider ₹250 per year to maintain 1 battery.

We use 2 batteries, so it costs us ₹500 to maintain 2 batteries.

Apart from maintaining distil water, we never spent any extra amount for anything.

Regarding power usage…

Honestly that we don’t know how much it uses.

Inverters use electricity to charge the battery. I don’t think it is something you need to worry about it.

All I can say is it’s not HUGE.

Is it worth it?

For us, it’s worth every rupee.

We are happy with it. And I recommend everyone to have an Inverter in your house if you can afford it.

Go with one battery setup for cheaper cost and low maintenance cost.

If you need to use a TV, PC, Fan and other items and frequent power failure happens, and you need a backup of 8 hrs+, then 2 batteries are what I suggest.

Maybe after some years, we may need to replace both batteries. But still, it’s worth it for us.

If you use an Inverter setup, you must follow the 5.50 section on the electrical work guide, or you will pay again to fix that issue.

It happened to us. We paid again.

It’s a must-have step you need to follow if you use an Inverter setup.

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