If you plan to use CCTV in your house now or later, here is something you should keep in mind.

To enjoy CCTV benefits to their fullest extent, you must plan and adopt a few tech stuff. They are…

  1. Have a wired network connection to CCTV DVR

  2. Don’t use a Wireless network unless you don’t have wired network options

  3. If you need to watch LIVE CCTV visuals from different locations, then you need to have internet connections at home as well as user who need to see visuals

  4. If you only need to watch LIVE CCTV visuals on your mobile or PC inside your house, then you don’t need an internet connection. You just need a proper local network setup inside your house.

  5. Most CCTV companies offer mobile apps to watch CCTV visuals live

  6. Inside your house, make sure to have better wireless network availability everywhere to watch CCTV visuals live

  7. You should not rely on CCTV Monitor to watch CCTV visuals… You should set up a proper wireless network so that you can watch CCTV visuals on your mobile anywhere inside your house (using a local network)

  8. If you plan and set up the network inside your house, you can access cctv visuals live on mobile and PC. You don’t even need an extra monitor to manage or view CCTV. (we don’t have an extra monitor setup in our house)

Having network availability everywhere is very much important to access CCTV visuals on mobile.

Many house owners don’t even aware of this concept.

All they know is they can watch CCTV visuals on Monitor… and that Monitor needs to run 24*7.

Wrong. Wrong.

If they have a proper setup, they can enjoy CCTV visuals anywhere they want with the help of their mobile.

Imagine this scenario…

Around night 3am, you heard some sound somewhere in your building. Do you prefer to get up and go to the CCTV Monitor place to watch the CCTV visuals? Or would you prefer to take your mobile right next to your pillow and watch live CCTV visuals?

If it was me… I always prefer watching visuals on my mobile for quick access.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to go and watch on CCTV Monitor, you could miss the object preset in the scene before you go to that place.

So it’s always better to watch fast to catch what is going on live than watch a replay to find out later.

That’s where the local network rocks…

No matter whether you take an internet connection to your house or not, having a proper network setup in your house is very much necessary.

You don’t know when you might need…

When you need, you cannot implement the way that you could achieve if you implement while constructing your building.

If you need a proper network setup guide, visit: