Yesterday I was not feeling well, so I went to the clinic with my brother.

This is a small clinic but a very popular one. Within one day, regular diseases will get cured (personal experience).

To this day, this doctor charging only ₹50 has his consulting fee… and that too in Bangalore city.

The only problem is the waiting time. Minimum 1 hr we need to wait.

This doctor runs his clinic in a small house. I guess it is a rented one…

While I was waiting, standing outside the main door, I noticed one thing. It’s the sump cover.

The sump cover design is not the problem… but how they installed it is the problem.

It’s a mistake done by MS Fabricators.

If house owner knew one thing he could have avoided this issue.

This a common issue faced by new home builders. They don’t know about this kind of small isuess, labours also don’t guide them at right time… and they make such mistakes.

The tiles guys also didn’t bother alerting house owner about the problem they are going to face in future or house owner simply could have ignored thier suggestion due to small rework he needed to do.

Whatever the case, now the house owner will suffer because of this small design mistake.

It could be fixed now if the owner wanted to fix but getting the same tiles is difficult, and the cost of the labour charge to fix will be very high (in this case, tiles, civil and MS fabricators labourers required)

If this house owner was aware of this problem, he could have done all these at the same cost that he paid during his initial labour cost.

Now to redo the same work, he has to pay a premium charge to labourers.

I thought of taking a photo of that sump cover, but many slippers were there around it, so I didn’t take it.

You can google “sump cover” and see the first page result of Google images. You will notice a few design mistakes that I’m talking about. (If you can notice by yourself)

I will cover more about this in my upcoming sump guide paid product.

If you want to avoid such common mistakes made by new home builders, you can get some of my tips here: