Rework thing you need to be aware of…

We always make some changes while doing construction work.

Similarly, we also changed the window placement on our first building.

The building contractor labourer already built a wall and placed a window. After that, someone came to the building and gave a good and valid suggestion.

That time, we decided to accept that suggestion and make changes in our building where labourers had already done the work.

If it’s small work, usually labourers do that themself.

Labourers need input from their contractors if it’s a time-consuming task.

Ours is a time-consuming task. So we called the contractor to the spot, and he decided to make whatever changes we requested.

He didn’t object to anything at that time. He didn’t inform me it would cost extra and all.

It’s a labourer time waste for contractors.

1st time building – 2 days.

Remove the wall – 1 day.

Rework – 1 or 2 day.

They made the changes…

Contractors don’t ask for any extra payments immediately.

While working, you may think it’s all included in the contract.


Such heavy rework won’t included in the contract budget. All contractors clearly remember all such work, and when settlement time comes, they will ask for rework costs.

If it’s minor work, they don’t bother.

If it’s major, they ask.

So keep that in mind when you are doing your building construction.

There is nothing wrong with asking.

However, owners will get surprise bills, which could affect their house construction budget when on a tight budget at the end of construction.

Coming to the mistake we made, you might be thinking –

Why did we take such a risk of redoing the work, wasting so much labourer and materials?

In the Building Contractor Guide, I shared that point at 4.62. Today, I added that point. See if you are also making the same mistake in your house.

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