After doing bhoomi pooja, you will start all your construction activities. The first thing you will do is site cleaning, and the next step is building a Temporary shed for construction purposes.

In this guide, I will discuss a few aspects and tips about temporary sheds for construction in India.

A temporary shed could be used for storing materials and for staying laborers. Both cannot be done in a single room. You need separate rooms for each purpose.

Mostly, In this guide, I’m going to focus on sheds for storing purposes in construction.

Let’s first understand why you need a temporary shed while constructing the building.

Temporary Shed for Construction in India

our temporary shed for construction purpose

Why Temporary Shed?

When building your house, you must need a temporary shed to store house construction materials and cement bags.

Not just that…

To apply Temporary Electricity Connection, you need a temporary shed.

You are not allowed to place temporary connections in open spaces.

You need some secure place to protect the meter board from the water. So having a temporary shed helps in that case as well.

What Size Temporary Shed Is Required?

I would recommend everyone to build 11 feet * 11 feet = 121 Sq feet size temporary shed. 120 sq feet shed/room is enough to keep around 150 cement bags and some house construction materials.

How I took 150 bags?

For each mold, we need 100 to 110 cement bags.

And 50  extra cement bags for starting construction work after the curing period.

If you ask your contractor, he will guide how many cement bags are required for your mold. Based on that, you can also determine your shed size.

What you need to keep in mind is….

It’s good to have a bigger size shed.

But, the bigger the shed size, material and labor costs also increase. So I recommend you stick with an 11*11 size shed, which is a good shed for a site size of 1600 sq feet.

Don’t build too small shed to save cost.

If you do so, keeping and taking construction materials inside the shed won’t be easy.

Materials Required for Temporary Shed:

  1. 6 Inch Concrete Blocks

  2. Mud

  3. Playwood for temporary Door

  4. Temporary door fittings (hinges, screws, handle, etc.)

  5. Led light arrangement inside the room

  6. Lock

  7. GI Roofing Sheets 

  8. One big stick to support the Roof

1) 6 Inch Concrete Blocks:

Order one load 6 Inch concrete blocks/red bricks, whatever you decide to use for your building, and build a shed on the same blocks.

You need to remove the shed at the finishing time and you can use the same blocks in your building.

2) Mud:

Use mud instead of cement to build a shed.

If you use mud, you can easily remove the shed without damaging blocks.

If you use cement to build a shed, removing the shed and blocks will be difficult. Using cement also increases your temporary shed cost a little bit.

3) Playwood for temporary Door

Bring one cheap plywood for the temporary Door of your shed. I guess it would cost around ₹1000 to ₹1,100 in 2022.

4) Temporary door fittings (hinges, screws, handle, etc.)

Ask your carpenter to give all the required items to fix the temporary Door and bring all these items while you bring plywood.

5) Led light arrangement inside the room

You need to arrange one light arrangement for the shed. I recommend 10 watt led bulb.

Ask your electrical contractor to make light arrangements for your temporary shed.

6) Lock

Bring one cheap lock with at least 3 keys that come with it.

7) GI Roofing Sheets:

I recommend everyone use a GI Roofing sheet instead of Cement Roofing Sheet.

You can fold the GI sheet after construction work is over and keep it somewhere. It won’t spoil. You can also sell to scrap or other building owners for half price. etc.,

There are many advantages to GI sheets.

Cement roofing sheets won’t have this many advantages compared to GI sheets.

8) One big stick to support the Roof

Usually, your building contractor or laborer will arrange this long stick while building a shed.

Temporary Shed Cost for 11 * 11 feet size:

6 Inch Concrete Blocks = 450 no * ₹33 = 14850

GI Sheet = 4 No * 900 = ₹3,600

Plywood: ₹1000

Door items: ₹100

Carpenter charge: ₹500

Labour Charge: (2 persons, 2 days work required)

Masons: 2 no*950=1900

Male helper: 2 no*650=1300

The led light arrangement inside the room: ₹500


Total Cost of the Shed: ₹23,750


Temporary Shed Location:

The nearer the shed to the construction building, it’s always better. Opposite or next to the construction building, is my recommended spot to watch Shed during construction time. Ask your building contractor once he will suggest good spot.

Also, is the shed easily accessible to cement vehicles to unload? Can 6 Wheeler load vehicle easily reach near to shed?

If Yes, then ok.

If No, then you need to look at some other location.

Temporary Shed Permission:

Before you start cleaning the site to start construction work… ask the neighborer site owner’s for site space to use it for construction activity.

Most of them give permission. Some say No.

If they give permission, then while cleaning your site, make sure to clean their site as well to use the site for construction purposes.

Don’t do any construction activity without asking the site owner’s permission.

How to Build a Temporary Shed

This is the easiest part.

Ask your building contractor to do this work 🙂. He will do it.