Although this is our (me and my dad) second construction experience.. We are still making a silly mistake. After learning from our mistakes, we laugh by murmuring to each other.

Today, the MS Work contractor noticed one such mistake while our second building’s main gate installation work was going on.

Here’s our conversation with him:

MS guy: Sir, what’s the price for SS work? (which is already done on our building)

Me: It came around 750rs per running feet.

MS guy: What’s the specification?

Me: “304 Jindal steel, 2” top, 1" pipe 5 lines, 2" pillar, and glass brackets"

MS guy: what about gauge?

Me: Does a different gauge come is Steel also? I thought it only comes in MS pipes…

MS guy: Yes, sir. In Steel also different gauge are available. He said that 14, 16, and 18 gauge pipes would come.

Me: Oh… No. I didn’t know about different gauges in SS, and I’m unaware of which gauge SS materials they used. Can you please check once which gauge SS they have used?

MS guy: Ok.. let me check. And He went on to check the SS pipes gauge. After a few minutes, he was back.. and informed me - “Sir, it’s 18 gage SS material”.

Me: Oh! No… 18 gauge is the least thickness material in SS and MS pipes. This means he used cheaper quality SS rods.

After that, I immediately opened my SS bill to see what the SS contractor gave me in the quotation… and I found nothing about gauge in that bill.

Stainless Steel work quotation

Stainless Steel work quotation

Ok.. so this could be a trick SS contractor could have done to us.

If any contractors come, collect written quotations with all the specifications they will use for the work; by doing that, you can compare quotes with similar quality work and materials. But you cannot compare labor workmanship, which is essential if you need good finishing work. You can check workmanship by visiting any work done by them.