They have been trying to fix the Water not coming to their sump problem since yesterday.

It happened behind our house itself.

I took some photos as well. If you are interested, see the images here.

I thought about sharing yesterday itself…

But the work is not yet completed. Till today, 7.30 Pm, labourers are working on this task…

Tomorrow also some work will be there for civil labourers to fix.

This is not a new building… It’s an old building itself. But they started facing issues now… the reason?

The Municipal borewell may not have enough water, and this building is now not getting sufficient water to its sump.

This problem is not faced by all the houses… Only this house is having some issues.

For your information, the building owner profession is Building and selling buildings. They should know some of the best practices regarding sump construction, taking main water line connection etc.,

Seems like it’s not the case.

They are facing the water issue.

This is why I always recommend not relying on contractor knowledge to build your house.

Their job is not to guide each and everything…. It’s your job to guide them and get the work done however you want.

Initially, I didn’t know the main issue and solution they were trying to fix…

I asked my dad to go and ask them.

My dad went with my daughter in the afternoon and saw the work, spoke to the owner regarding the issue and went to his friend’s house, which is also the backside of our house.

When he reached our house, I asked the problem about the issue…

He said the same.

Water is not coming to their sump, and they are now trying different ways to take the mainline connection to see if that fixes the issues.

Here’s a rough estimation of how much they could have spent fixing the issue…

4 length CPVC pipes * 700 = 2800

Plumbing items = 1,000

road cutting charges = 1000 (let’s assume)

Waterman fees (for supporting work) = 1000

2 plumbers 2 day work =  3200

2 civil labourers 1 day work = 1500


Total: 10,500


This is my assumption.

I believe they spent more than ₹10,000.

Does that really fix the problem?

I doubt it.

If they did not follow best practices (they are not) while building the sump… then whatever they did is only temporary work. This is not going to be a permanent fix.

In my sump construction guide, I shared every minute detail you need to follow to avoid this issue later.

I will also be updating what mistakes they have made in the case study section so you can avoid them.

Don’t face water coming issue to your sump later, and spend money on fixing it temporarly.

Build your sump the right way »