Yesterday, my brother and I were buying some products on Amazon.

Unlike previous year’s deals, this year it was quite difficult to get deals.

The limit of how much you can buy from a single card and all such other rules.

I think in the past few days, I ordered more than 50,000 worth of products. Because of some limitations from Amazon, I had to use multiple Amazon accounts and different SBI cards to secure deals.

This never happened before. This is the first time I felt like that.

While shopping, I noticed a few things…

Few sellers reduced the price, and few increased the price.

It’s your job to find the right products that reduced the price to get maximum benefit from the deal.

Flipkart already ended its sale.

Only Amazon’s big billion-day sale is running…

Before buying online, I enquired about a few offline shops for product quotations. They always quoted more than what I got from online.

Not just a little bit more…

If you have any items you plan to shop, this is the right time to get a good discount and save money.

These are the some product category I recommend to shop online. I bought #1, #3 and a few other products in this deal.

Act quickly to save more.

If you are still constructing your house, wait till next year’s deals.