House Construction Expenses Excel Sheet

Some users planning to start house construction are searching “house construction expenses excel sheet’.

If you look at Google results, you will see a lot of fancy Google Sheets/Excel sheet templates designed to track house construction expenses.

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I tried a few of them, but they are not designed for real house construction users.

Some are not even relevant to the Indian market.

So, I decided to share some of my experience keeping track of expenses.

See, during house construction, everyone will be busy… and you will have very little time. More than that, the headache of arranging materials and managing labour is itself a big task.

So, you need a simple and effective solution to keep track of expenses.

Many of them still use regular books to keep track of daily expenses and labour attendance.

It’s good. But not enough.

If you are someone who is not comfortable with computers and Mobile Apps, then it’s the right solution.

If you are ok with tech, it’s better to adopt Google Sheets/Excel to keep track of it.

If you just use Google Sheets, you will face issues like adding expense entries on the fly and keeping proofs, which is impossible. Which is something very important.

During house construction, you should arrange a way to easily enter data on the spot with a mobile without taking too much time.

If you had such an arrangement, then only you can properly track all the data, or else you would simply miss a few entries.

Suppose you are only looking for a Google sheet solution. In that case, I’m sharing the Google sheet document I used to track all my house construction expenses.

I used Google Forms to submit data to Google Sheets. If you don’t know how to connect Google Forms to Google Sheets, then you can simply enter data directly into Google Sheets.

Below is how my Google Form looks:

Once any entry is made, it gets updated in my House Construction Expenses Tracker Excel Sheet, as shown below.

If you are interested in my Google Sheet House Construction Expenses Tracker, you can download it from the below link.

Download my House Construction Expenses Tracker Google Sheet

Remember. This is just one part of my expense tracking. It’s not a full system.

I would definitely not recommend using Google Sheets. I use Google Sheets in parallel with other software, which helps manage all the data properly.

My full system of House Construction Expeses tracking is shared inside my House Construction Tracking System Guide. This is something I recommend you to follow to avoid the problem you face with just using Google sheet.

This system is not for you if you don’t use computer and mobile apps.

If you are interested in learning my recommended system to keep track of house construction expenses, then visit the below link to learn more:

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