Today is Karnataka bandh to save cauvery water.

This water issue is not a today or tomorrow issue. This issue has been happening for the past few years with no solution to both states.

You and I may not be directly affected due to this cauvery dispute. But we both should remember the importance and value of Water in our life.

During this time, I like to remember one such incident that happened few years back.

I don’t remember the month and year.

I guess there was a drought in Bangalore where no water was available for 1 month.

Panchayath was not providing water due to no water in their borewell…

Tanker water suppliers got too busy supplying… Tanker suppliers aren’t even ready to pick up our phone calls.

Suddenly, the tanker supplier rate doubled.

Every water drop count becomes valuable at that time.

I still remember we used to collect filter waste in a bucket to save water.

That much water scarcity happened for just 1 month.

This is the first time I practically experienced water issues in my life. From that time, I started valuing water even more important.

Here is some of my takeaway…

  1. Water is really important. Respect it and save water as much as possible. No matter where you are.

  2. Make sure to implement rainwater harvesting features in your home. Rainwater is one of the best sources of water you can collect & use for domestic purposes.

In our house, we have a rainwater collection setup.

We can collect it in a sump or in a separate rainwater sump if needed. And we also have a way to recharge the borewell as well. (not fully implemented yet).

  1. Follow some of the best practices during your sump construction time to avoid water not coming issues later. Because you cannot make corrections later.

  2. If you have a borewell, do a borewell recharge setup to increase the groundwater level.

For water issues…, the state itself has been fighting for years. Atleast do whatever you can do to save water.

It may cost you to do the initial setup, but it will be worth it in the long run for you and the environment.