I was shopping for AC and computer components to build a custom PC for my home office yesterday.

I prefer online shopping to offline shopping for convenience and savings.

I can always find good discounts and offers in an online shop rather than offline shops.

These days, I learned one more lesson that I would like to share with you to save even more. I used to ignore this for a few years, but one day, I decided to change this after seeing my brother getting more savings than me.

The lesson is – To have as many credit cards (CC) as possible.

Just for having CC, I saved Rs 2,250 using OneCard CC on computer components and ₹3,000 using friend SBI CC on AC. Plus, points on CC are an extra bonus.

Sometimes, I even get ₹1,000 cashback from CC just for shopping. I use such bonus amount to spend on food.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting to get CC to use when you don’t have money.

No… I’m not suggesting that.

I’m saying keep CCs from different banks with you. There are always some bank CC offers when shopping online on Flipkart or Amazon.

You get a discount on your purchases if you have that bank CC.

I used to miss so many offers earlier because I did not have that specific bank CC. Now… anytime I find any CC offers, I apply and get it.

Although most of the banks reject me because of my self-employed status.

But I still try to apply and get as many as possible.

Earlier I used to have only one credit card from HDFC bank. That too I got while I was working in company. If I apply now as a self employed, I’m sure I would get rejected there as well.

Now, I am growing my CC list slowly…

Currently, I have 3 banks CC. All of them are Free lifetime cards.

I personally don’t prefer to keep any annual fees CC. So I won’t be wasting money if I don’t use them.

I suggest that if you have a credit card from any bank, apply and keep as many CCs as possible from other banks that don’t have any annual fees.

One such CC I recommed you to have is OneCard CC.

  • No Hidden Fees.
  • No Joining Fees.
  • No Annual Fees.
  • No Rewards Redemption Fees.

No. This is not a promotional email from the company. I recommend products only if I like them and use them personally…

Yes. I get bonus points on my CC if you apply for their CC through the link below.

Apply only if you know how to use and manage CC; otherwise, don’t apply. You can apply from the below link:


You can use my exclusive code ARUZYCJUJ while applying.