Are you interested in knowing about the toilet door facing as per Vastu?

Our building design engineer knows Vastu and designed our building plan as per Vastu. But he never asked or guided us about toilet doors facing vastu questions while designing our building.

I’m only sharing where we placed the doors.

We followed what our engineers suggested in the building design. It’s not our own thought.

In both buildings, our toilet doors are facing South and East facing.

A few other things we intentionally did follow are….

We never kept the toilet next to the pooja room or toilet door opposite to the pooja room.

These are the few things that I’m aware of, and I’m sharing them here.

I could be wrong.

If you need confirmation, I recommend you discuss it with your engineer or astrologer once.

All engineers know basic vastu stuff. They could help.

I may not be sure about Vastu, but what I’m sure is…

If you use PVC or WPC toilet doors, those doors have a higher chance of privacy issues.

This can be avoided if you follow some of the ideas I shared in my toilet door privacy issue guide.

If you are interested, know more here.