Listen to the store owner’s suggestion?

When you trust the store owner, you may ask his opinion about the product or product quality…

That’s normal.

Is it a good practice?

If you ask my opinion… You can ask their opinion if you need to. You should also keep one point in mind…

Not all sellers genuinely recommend the right product to You. The reason is the Commission.

Most sellers don’t care much about their reputation. They care about their margins in most cases.

We go and shop all house construction-related hardware items at one popular shop near our house. Compared to other shops he gives a good rate on items.

Naturally, we have a good bond with the owner.

That doesn’t mean we need to consider all his product recommendations.

The reason is…

He pushes only the product for which he gets a good commission. Not the product that is good for users.

For example:

When I asked about the WaterTech health faucet, he gave WaterTech only… but not the original company product. Instead, he sent the duplicate WaterTech products.

When I specifically ask for an ORIGINAL, That time he gives me an original product.

At first, we felt he gave the original only. Later, we came to know that it was not original.

When I ask for Taps, he prefers to push and sell the Brand to which he gets the most Commission. Not some good brand products. He never shows popular branded taps at all.

If you request, then he will order and bring those items.

This doesn’t happen only with us. It happens with another user as well.

During our housewarming function, our dad’s friend, whose house is behind our house, came to our house. While speaking, they shared… “The store owner gave a lot of duplicate products to us.”

I informed Uncle that you should check the product before bringing it right.

Duplicate means he is referring to the store owner recommending or sending some low-quality products.

I know about those things because I’m dealing with the store for the second time.

I always try to check the quality myself before ordering bulk orders.

I simply don’t take his words and order products. Because I know he doesn’t recommend good products that are good for users. 

Here is the thing:

Always check product quality live before considering the store owner’s words. 

When they recommend something, it may be due to the Commission or sales volume Commission he may get. Remember that point when you ask for suggestions from the store owners.

Like this tip, I shared even more valuable tips inside my products.

If you are building a house for the first time, these tips will help.


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