At 8 pm, around 8 BESCOM person came to our new building for our Building inspection.

Once your building is complete, when you apply for a Permanent electricity connection, they will do a spot inspection before you get approved.

It didn’t happen in our first building. But it did happen for our second building.

The reason could be…

In our first building, only the G+1 floor is constructed. I guess because of the less built-up area and less building height; the BESCOM team didn’t bother doing a building inspection.

We constructed a G+3 floor for our second building, and the built-up area reached almost BESCOM allowed limit.

I guess because of this, the full BESCOM team visited our building spot inspection even at night.

For inspection, the first AEE visited our building by car. Which is arranged by our electrical contractor…

This officer stayed far from our building, signed some papers, and left the spot.

Nothing much trouble here… (contractor adjustment plays a good role)

JE and his team do the next inspection.

Almost 8 BESCOM staff visited our house at 8 pm for building measurements and to see any violations.

My dad and I were watching on a CCTV monitor in our old building.

I guess they bought big measuring tape and a book or file to take some entries.

We intentionally didn’t go to the spot.

I guess they measured our building every corner from inches to inches.

All 8 members measured our building for 45 minutes at night time. I never expected this type of checking from them…

I was quite worried at that time.

Although we didn’t violate any rules, our building is almost on the borderline.

They have a height and built-up area limit… in both cases, our building is on the border. I was eagerly waiting for the result.

After 45 minutes, all 8 members left the spot for the next building spot verification.

My dad and I went to our electrical contractor and asked about the result…

He said they didn’t say anything. Let’s see tomorrow. He also left the spot.

The next day, out of curiosity, we called our contractor at 12 pm; they said, “My son is still sleeping… yesterday he did a party with BESCOM officials. I will inform you later.” they replied.

Afternoon I called my contractor again. That time our contractor said they found some rules violations as he told.

What rules? I asked.

He replied building size…

I, in a little bit loud tone, informed our contractor… No way.

We properly built within the limit and asked them to reverify the size again if required.

We didn’t know the rules before… I discussed with JE to understand the rules better. And followed all the rules like I replied to our contractor.

After a few days, the contractor came to our house and said everything was clear. Your building is almost near to crossing the limit but not crossed any limit, he replied.

I felt relieved hearing those words.

Anyway, don’t violate any BESCOM or Electricity board rules.

I shared some of those rules and tips related to BESCOM rules in my electrical work guide sections 2.4, 5.29, 5.30, 5.31 and 5.32.

Your electrical board could be different, but rules will be similar everywhere. So read and understand better before you violate any such rules.