First thing to do when you start construction…

Yesterday, our neighbour started temporary shed construction next to our house. That time, I remembered this point…

If you have not started your construction work, this tip is for you.

When you start your construction after doing bhoomi pooja, you usually immediately start the construction process and earthwork.

Here is the thing I recommend everyone to focus on in the beginning….

The first focus and goal should be getting your sump ready.

The reason is that, for the construction work, you need water. At the beginning stage, you usually depend on your neighbour’s water to start construction.

They also support in the beginning. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore or delay your sump construction work.

Nope… don’t do that.

When the earth-digging work starts, ask your contractor to do the sump work first.

If you properly build the sump and cure it well, it alone takes almost 1 month. That’s why I recommend that you focus on sump work initially.

sump construction work

Neighbours give water for a few days without any issues. After that, they also start questioning your sump work 🙂

So instead of answering them about when you build your sump, you better do that immediately.

Not just that…

Legally, it’s a problem for them as well.

When we used to take water from our opposite house, BESCOM JE told us we were not allowed to take water from the residential power supply for commercial work.

And about water…

That’s a problem as well.

Waterman will also show up and question about taking water for commercial work (indirectly asking for a bribe).

Also, both don’t strictly object to taking water from neighbours for a few days, but you should be aware of all these things.

During construction, some owners take the permanent connection to their construction building sump by bribing officers and local waterman.

That happens if the building is medium or small. They don’t give connections for bigger buildings.

At least it’s happening in my area. I’m not sure about other places.

If you properly follow the sump construction, it takes many days to build it.

I highly recommend after earthwork work, your next immediate focus should be on your Sump construction so that you can properly cure your building without thinking about what the neighbours think.

If you still have not built your sump, I recommend you follow all the tips and best practices mentioned in my sump construction guide.

In that guide, I shared sump construction tips and important points you need to remember while building your sump so that you don’t face water coming issues later to your sump due to not following best practices.

Yes, I want to follow sump construction best practices.

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