When you buy less quantity

When we went to the housewarming function shopping, we bought window and door curtains from Chikkapete.

My dad roughly calculated the required curtains, and we bought only that many.

We didn’t put those bought curtains immediately…

We thought after the function we would put it as we postponed it.

We kept postponing like this for almost 2 months. Later when we put in, we noticed some curtains shortage.

Shortage in a sense. In some places, we need to put one more curtain due to cloth shortage windows are not properly covered. We were not aware that this type of issue could happen before.

After putting all the curtains, we noticed a shortage of 6 window curtains and 1 door curtain.

So to fix this, we need to visit the shop again and buy the same design from them.

We delayed a little bit.

My dad is calling for me to come with him for shopping. I hate going and spending time like that…

It keeps happening. Finally, yesterday, my dad decided to go alone. He went to the shop and asked for the curtain design by showing the previous curtain and bill.

Shop guys told it was too late, sir. It’s already 2 months over. At maximum, you get the same design for 2 weeks.

Now, we don’t have that design anymore.

My dad called me to ask what to do… Shall I bring an alternative design?

Suppose I need to replace everything, it will cost me 5,000 rs. If I replace only shortage, it won’t look good.

I informed don’t bring anything. Come back again.

So it’s a waste of time and travelling expenses. For the same amount, we could have bought the curtains at that time.

Now we need to manage it with the shortage of curtains.

If you go shopping a little far away to bring items, remember not to bring a shortage like us.

If you bring a shortage, again you must spend money travelling, and your time will be wasted.

You should remember this rule for all the products. For example, when you go to buy granites, tiles, or small items like curtains.

If you visit again later, you won’t get the same materials. We took care of granites and other items but failed while buying curtains.

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