I started sharing my internet connection…

We have rental units in both buildings. Each building contains 8+8 spacious 1 Bhk units.

All our tenants are college students.

While building both houses, I properly planned and did networking for both buildings.

While doing this, I didn’t plan on offering internet to all the tenants in our building.

But still, I did the network setup. Because in future we cannot do so.

On some random day, one of our tenants requested me to share our internet setup with him at a discounted rate… because taking a new connection for him costs a little more.

I immediately said OK to him.

As the network setup was already done before, I just needed to do some configuration and make a connection in my house.

I gave him.

He also started using it without any issues.

After observing my internet speed for a few days, I noticed no slow speed issues because of sharing the internet with one of our tenants. (I’m on 300Mbps Plan)

I asked his feedback, and his feedback was also good.

He was also getting full speed as I was getting in my home.

No speed drop, nothing.

After seeing this good response from him, I also announced it to a few other tenants.

Some took it… some said they would see it later.

Whenever I share my internet connection with our tenants building, I check my internet speed to see if it is decreasing any speed for them or us.


Speed is consistent. No major issues at all.

I shared our internet connection to 3+4 =7 connections with our tenants.

Which brings me monthly ₹3,300 every month. While I’m paying around ₹600 to our ISP.

Also, we are getting free internet as the internet cost is covered by our tenants itself 😃

Our Tenants are happy about getting a better deal on an internet connection, and I’m happy because I’m getting paid for doing nothing but sharing our internet connection.

It’s all possible because of a good network setup.

If you want the same setup as what I did to our house, you can get it here to do it the right way:


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