Good Locks for your House

When we selected interlocks for our first building, we picked Europa locks due to their brand name and key size.

Those small interlock key features made us go with Europa locks, then.

Would you love to have a Bulk key or a Small key?

We already have good experience in holding those old bulk interlock keys… This small key made a lot of difference in holding it, so we went with Europa keys.

But now…

When you go to a shop, the store owner no longer keeps Eurpo locks, and they recommend other new brands.

Why so?

It’s because Europa is a brand that sells on its own. Like any branded item, sellers make less money selling such items than selling unbranded or new brand locks.

This happened to us in many shops when we went to physical stores to choose locks.

None of the store owners offers Europa locks and recommends other new brand called “BOSS” locks.

When we went to buy other door items in one shop, I saw a BOSS brand locks advertisement displayed prominently in the store.

I simply asked the owner don’t you sell Europa Locks?

He said we used to, but we no longer sell that brand here.

To which I asked Why?

He replied, “Margin is too low”. It’s not worth keeping in the store, so I stopped selling.


Got it?

This is the real reason why most shops don’t offer or don’t suggest Europa locks.

When I went to buy locks, I got a chance to try Godrej brand locks. For me, the Godrej locks don’t feel good. It felt like too much low quality.

I personally don’t like the feel of the lock.

So again, I went to Europa locks.

The other good thing about Europa locks is the duplicate key service. I personally like this feature.

You can get the duplicate key from the company if you lose any Europa key. I personally used their service once to get a duplicate key. I like it.

There is no need to go to a local lock service guy to get duplicate keys… Straight the company itself, you can get as many keys as needed at an additional cost.

They also offer a Free Installation service. You should speak to the shop owner once to know if they give service near your house for free.

Our houses and all our rental units are installed with Europa locks. No complaints about it.

Next time you visit the shop, you must ask the shop owner for Europa Locks… or else they won’t show. You might already know why.

I don’t recommend products lightly… If I genuinely like them, I recommend or else I won’t.

Something I genuinely recommend to you is trying my products. I might be biased here, but I believe if you take one or two points from all those products, it would be worth the product cost itself.

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