When one of our CCTV cameras didn’t work

A few days back, my brother and I installed CCTV cameras that we bought during this Amazon big billion sale.

Installation was also over.

When we switched on the DVR, we noticed out of 10 cameras, 3 cameras were not working.

Again, my brother attempted to fix the issue; out of those 3 cameras, 2 started working, and 1 camera had some issues.

Did you know why 3 cameras had such issues?

The reason is — FAKE CCTV wire.


We got some fake CCTV wire and realised this after 3 years of buying 🙂 while installing cameras.

We realised this mistake very late. We cannot replace the old wire or install new wire easily. We could install it outside, but not concealed.

This is why I say some issues you cannot fix once you commit while building your house. I shared many such mistakes inside my products. I hope buyers seriously take the information I share in my guides.


Coming to the wires, we ordered those cables on Amazon.

We realised it was fake when we compared the original cable with the duplicate one. We cannot do anything about it now.

I shared more details inside my Electrical Work Guide at 5.65. To prevent such a thing from happening to you.


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