Yesterday… I had to order cement. I just needed to order only 10 bags. Because our building is already in the finishing stage, the method I explained in cement pricing secrets won’t work in low quantity orders.

So I had no option but to look for a nearby cement seller.

It was afternoon… I took my bike to check pricing with all the local sellers. Here’s their response.

Visiting cement shops…

Shop 1: This is the cement shop nearest our building. We already lost more than ₹29,500 without knowing the method explained in my book, so I skipped without asking for the cement price.

Shop 2: I asked what’s the price of Zuvari 43 grade cement… seller responded “₹420” per bag

I know ₹420 is quite more as I used to buy Zuvari cement for almost 2 years… so I asked if it is possible to reduce the price a little bit?

He said, “No, sir.”

Ok.. now I moved to another shop.

Shop 3: Sir, what’s the price of Zuvari cement? I need 10 bags. He repsonded “₹430…” I told them it’s pretty costly.

Sir, can you give to ₹410?

The shop owner said… “NO. "

Me.. moved to another and final shop which is near to our building.

Shop 4: Sir, what’s the price of Zuvari? He told… No stock. I’m not ordering because Zuvari’s primary seller sells at ₹440 per bag, so I’m not ordering.

Me.. hmm.

I didn’t speak anything here. As there is no use discussing so moved on and ordered at Shop 2.

I called my Secret Cement Supplier

Out of curiosity, I called my secret cement supplier as explained in the Cement Pricing Secrets ebook, and asked about the price of Zuvari cement.. he responded, “₹395”.

Ok…I told him,“I called to know the price and cut the call”.

The price difference with my Secret cement supplier

Shop 1: I didn’t ask

Shop 2: +20rs

Shop 3: +30rs

Shop 4: He didn’t quote the price but told me the main seller only sells at +40rs. He also needs to add his profit margin. So you can guess how much the difference could be yourself.

This is why I shared my method of finding secret cement suppliers in my cement pricing secrets ebook.

If you still haven’t bought, you might be losing money on every cement bag you order.

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