Workover doesn’t mean you don’t need…

Today, my work is filled with applying for a lot of credit cards. The reason is the discount we get when shopping online.

Sometimes, I miss discounts due to not having that specific bank credit card.

And I only apply for free credit cards…

Not the cards that require any annual fees and all.


Today’s topic is Why you need to have a good relationship with your contractors even after construction work is over, especially with Building contractors.

Once house construction is done, it doesn’t mean you’ll not face any issues.

You’ll face some issues here and there. And you need labourers that time to fix such issues.

Sometimes, directly speaking with labourers will work. Most of the time, it won’t work because of their busy schedule they don’t take your words seriously.

Other thing is… If you need labours on working day, then they don’t come. Their first preference is always contractors work. After only they do any side work.

So you must depend on your building contractor for helpers/labourers in such cases. If you speak to them, they will arrange labour properly.

This is only possible if you have a good relationship with your contractor.

Some house owners play games at the end of the construction work and never pay properly. That time, how could he listen to your words?

So remember to have a good relationship even after construction work.

Who knows when you may need his help?

See… almost 1 year over of constructing our second building.

We still call to our contractor if he needs any labour. He promptly send when we need.

A few days back, we needed some labours. We called our building contractor, and he sent them.

No drama, nothing.

We pay whatever the payment he asks before he even asks. If we have troubled him after work, we know he won’t bother with our request next time.

So always remember to have a good relationship with your contractors. Even after work was over.

You will need their help later as well.

That’s all for today.

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