We (me & our Dad) and our granite contractor were calculating how much we have to pay for granite and tiles laying charges.

We both took measurements 2 days before itself.

While calculating, we didn’t understand some calculations, so “we entered data based on our own understanding” and thought to discuss with our contractor later.  

When the contractor came to our house - we asked how much we were supposed to pay like that….. he told us it would come to around “₹2,50,000”.

But he didn’t give that value in writing. When we asked, he just told us orally.

While comparing data with our contractor, all values matched “expect 2 places” where he made a mistake, we showed him, and he corrected it.

We didn’t understand how to do “Staircase STEPS Calculation,” so we asked him how to do those calculations, and he guided us.

Now we understood and entered that Data what he told us. But “whatever the wrong calculation did, was also present while doing totaling.”  

So we totaled Wrong Data + Right Data = Extra added amount.

Now our total came around ₹2,68,000 instead of ₹2,50,000.

I immediately transferred the leftover balance to our contractor by keeping ₹20,000 because some granite work is still pending.

My Dad said, “Our contractor told us ₹2,50,000 initially but now how our total come around ₹2,68,000?” he was thinking…

…and the difference amount is +₹18,000.

Our DAD asked me to check that “STEPS” calculation again in front of the contractor…

When our contractor and we checked, we both noticed we entered “Wrong Data” + “Right Data” and totaled both values when calculating and that caused increase in price.

Our Contractor and We both realized our mistake after we paid him.

We paid via Online transfer, and he doesn’t have an online transfer facility on his mobile to get extra paid money back. So we paid completely before finishing all the work.

We didn’t ask for the money back but told him to finish the work, and he agreed and told me I would do it, don’t worry, sir.

Calculating granite labor charges was a little tricky.

It takes little time to calculate and correctly understand granite work measurement.  

Maybe in the feature, I would release a paid guide if possible on this topic. Let’s see.

Few lessons you can learn from this incident:

  1. Always take your own time before finalizing payments.

  2. Ask the contractor how much we have to pay according to YOU. If the contractor told you I haven’t calculated, ask them to calculate first, and then we can finalize the calculation.

  3. Don’t reveal your amount before the contractor tells his calculated amount.

  4. If your calculated amount doesn’t match his calculated amount, checkout where the mistake happened.

  5. Don’t sit alone and do the calculation with the contractor. Always have someone extra person with you to help with the calculation. For me, it’s my Dad. Within a few seconds, he saved ₹18,000 :)

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