Today at around 11:20 PM, the BESCOM meter reader started calling, “Sir.. sir… are there in the house?” standing in front of the house.

My Dad and I were there in the hall.

I opened my CCTV app on my mobile to double-check he was calling us only.

After seeing him in front of our gate, I got confirmed.

I got confused seeing him today. Because today is not meter reading day, but the meter reader is calling us.

I went to speak to him… “What, sir?” I asked.

Sir. “Ayudha Pooja”.

Ya… Ayudha Pooja what?

He smilingly said… Amount sir.

I laughingly asked while holding my daughter. What, sir? This is the first time I’ve seen the BESCOM team come asking for festival funds.

Yes sir. We also cooperate with you if you have any issues na.

Okk… Wait, sir.

I went to our first floor and asked my Dad how much I should give.

My Dad replied, “Give ₹200”.

When I went to give him ₹200… he “sir…. what this sir.” Give a little bit more, sir.

Me, Noo.. take this much.

No sir. Please give more. How much are you expecting, at least?


Ok… Next time, I will. I came down now. I cannot go again. Now you take this.

After saying this, he took the amount and saved my Name and contact number on his phone and left.

One thing…

He is not collecting this from all the houses. Only few selected houses he is collecting funds.

It’s not for his personal use. It’s for the fund to celebrate Ayudha Pooja in the BESCOM office and their team.

OK, Why I’m saying this?

There is reason for it.

When agreeing with your building contractor, you must remember festival-related point #3.10, which I explained in my building contractor guide.

If you didn’t speak, you may pay more to your contractor.

In both of the buildings, this happened to us.

>> Read #3.10 and implement while making an agreement or discussion time.