Everyone like this when they see this on our Window

During summer, one of our relatives came to our house (first house).

While casually discussing, they saw the wooden window that we kept open even at night.

That caught their attention.

They went nearby and observed what we did there. And discussion started about it…

We told everything about it…

They liked the concept and regretted not implementing it in their house.

After understanding, they decided to implement alternative solutions that they could implement it to their windows.

It’s not just them.

Many of the users who come to our house, our windows catch their attention more than most other items.

It’s a really useful concept.

I don’t know why many of them don’t implement it in their houses. There could be a few reasons, I guess.

1) They don’t know about it

2) Extra cost in implementing it

3) Doesn’t looks good?

I don’t know the reason.

But I rarely see this concept in any buildings.

Anyway, I’m going to share about it here.

If you need to implement it, you can do that during construction time. If you need it later, you must go to the alternative solutions. In my experience this original solution is much better than those alternative solution.

If you are planning to using a wooden window, see this image:

mosquito mesh
mosquito mesh in wooden window
mosquito mesh slot

First, let’s understand the Advantages of Mosquito Mesh Windows:

1) You can keep your windows open without worrying about mosquitos and insects entering your house

2) Because you can keep your windows open always, you will have good ventilation inside your house

3) Reduces your electricity bill somewhat, which leads to saving money

4) No need to bother opening windows during the morning and closing windows in the evening due to mosquito issues. 

Wooden Window Mosquito Mesh:

If you need to do that to your house, then you need to inform or ask your carpenter that you need mosquito mesh in windows before he gives wood requirements to you.

Because it requires little extra wood to implement it.

Few things you need to know:

1) Sometimes, your carpenter may forget to do groove cutting/making slots in the wood.

Ensure you keep informing him until he does groove cutting with the machine, or else he will do it in hand, and it won’t come well.

In our case, our carpenter forgot to make groove cutting in the machine, and he did it in hand, so it didn’t come well.

It won’t be visible when the mosquito window is in close condition, so it didn’t bother us much.

2) You don’t need mosquito mesh in all shutters/compartments. Having one or two mosquito mesh per window is enough.

3) Use good quality mesh in windows.

4) I wouldn’t recommend mosquito mesh in kitchen windows. Because of the oil issue, cleaning the mesh will be difficult, especially for rental properties.

5) Don’t forget to have mosquito mesh in the toilet windows. You can keep your toilet windows open always without worrying about insects.

Sliding Mosquito Mesh Window:

If you use sliding windows, you can inform your window supplier party to include mosquito mesh.

It’s cost extra… but worth it.

In sliding windows, they call as 2.5 or 3-track windows.

Whatever they may call, just inform them you need mosquito mesh in the window they will do it for you.

If you have questions, ask them in a comment.

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