I watched a youtube video about connecting to the main water line connection to the sump video.

In that video, one comment got my attention. His comment says:


I also did the same procedure. But I am not getting the water. My neighbour is not having this issue. In our society, some house’s like me not receiving water. Can you please suggest any solution?


The thing is…

It’s a popular video on youtube.

And whatever the steps followed in the video is the wrong method.

That is not completely wrong… but it’s the wrong way of connecting if you don’t want to face water coming issues to your sump.

That is one of the visible problem that I noticed in the video.

He told other users in the neighbouring houses receiving water without having any issues… but only a few houses, including the commenter not getting water to their sump.

How does it happen?

It happens because they followed the unscientific way of connecting the main waterline to their sump.

And now, he is researching online to find the reason to fix the issue.

It won’t be an easy fix, even if he knows the solution now.

I’m sure that guy will be ready to spend any amount to fix the water coming issue to their sump.

Initially, this topic was not covered in my sump construction guide.

But after watching this video… today, I updated the guide with a new section called “During Mainline to Sump Pipe Connection” in section 5.

In that section, I showed the wrong way of making a connection and gave tips on the right way so you don’t face water not coming issue later.

If you have not yet made a mainline connection, you may need to remember this tip before connecting… 

See what they did wrong while connecting to mainline at section 5 »