When you do any business, I highly recommend you to avoid dealing with bad people. I know no one likes to do business with bad people, but you couldn’t avoid working with bad people due to some circumstances.

For example, you got less quote from some bad contractor and a little higher pricing quote from another good contractor. In such cases, you may choose bad contractor/people to do business with.

In such cases, I still recommend not to go with a cheaper price bad contractor, and I recommend paying a little higher price to a good contractor because the hassle of dealing with such bad contractor/people is literally worth paying a little extra amount to good contractor/people.

From my construction experience, I always avoid going with bad contractors/people and would pay a little more with a good contractor. By taking such a decision I’m sure you are going to save way more money and less hassle of dealing with bad people.

How you can identify such contractors?

There is no standard rule to find out such bad contractors. What I usually do is.

  1. Listen to his customers

  2. Ask your good contractor to recommend any good contractor for your another job (Ex: Ask building contractor to recommend any Electrical contractor etc.,)

  3. Observe how he speaks and behave while doing price negoatation

  4. If you listen to any bad opinion on contractors, then drop them and look for other contractors at the beginning itself. Dropping in the middle of a contract is difficult. If he got a bad name on one location/building then chances of getting on your building are also more.

  5. Always hire contractor listing customer feedback. This is one of the best ways to get the right contractor for your house construction.

These are the few tips I highly recommend everyone to follow to avoid dealing with bad contractors/people.