Let’s assume you don’t believe in Astrology/Numerology… once you are done building your house, you shortlist some names to keep for your house.

Usually, you pick some cool name you feel good about and name it your house.

In this case also you are going to keep some name.

Here in this, you don’t see or count any name sum to make it match with your lucky number.

By following numerology, you are also going to shortlist one name… but here, in this case, you take one extra step to see whether the name count matches your lucky number or not.

That’s it. You don’t do any crazy extra things. 

In life, How we like some people and hate some people –  is same with numerology.

For some users, some numbers are good, and some are bad. That’s what we are doing here. 

By keeping a name compatible with numerology, you will not lose anything. 

But you will take some time.. maybe a little more time to find a proper name to match your lucky number.

You don’t need to use my tool to check name count according to numerology. 

Many free online tools can do exactly this job.

The only thing is… you will spend way more time with the website, and there to no way to check the name sum in BULK.

This is a major drawback with online sites… 

That’s why… for my personal use, I built this tool. 

I know it could help others who use numerology to shortlist names. Hence, I’m releasing it to the public so they can find it helpful.

Anyway, if you are interested in bulk counting name sum which matches your lucky number. Then, my “Bulk Name Numerology Calculator” Excel sheet will help you.

See the live demo of the tool here.