Painters are not interested in doing wall putty sanding work

Painters do all the painting work, but when it’s time to do the wall putty sanding task, most laborers lose interest. 

For that reason, every painting contractor offers a special bonus to laborers for finishing the putty sanding work. 

The laborer will not get paid on a per-day basis. Instead, they will assign that to a lumpsum task. 

Like finish one building, and you will get paid this much. 

And the price is usually double the normal labor charge. 

Because putty wall sanding is the least liked job in painting due to too much DUST and STRAIN

So if contractors ask for extra payment or lump sum charge for the wall putty sanding tasks, don’t argue with the contractors. That’s normal. 

If the laborer is ready to do the task at a regular labor charge, it could take a little more days than what they could complete in the lumpsum job. 

And on the wall putty sanding day, laborers could also leave early. 

When your wall putty sanding time comes, just keep this in mind. 

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