Overhead water tank filter system – do you need them?

If you have some experience with tap blocking, you know why you need an overhead water tank filter system.

We already had some experience maintaining taps, which was an issue in our first building.

While building the second building, we thought of doing some solutions to fix tap blocking by using an overhead water tank filter.

We also bought filters from Amazon… and implemented them.

After using it for almost 1 year, here’s what I have to say.

Do those filters block dust?

Yes. It blocks dust without any doubt. You may still need to be aware of some issues before buying and implementing it in your house.

When you implement it in an overhead tank, it reduces water output. The reason is…

If you have a 2″ line and take a 2″ water tank filter, the output waterline is reduced to almost 1 to 1 ½” due to the filter system. If you have too many houses, your water pressure/supply issue will come.

After seeing this issue, we took 2 more outputs from the overhead water tank to supply water to all the houses, and this time, we didn’t install any filter to these 2 new lines to avoid water supply issues.

As we have 9 houses in the building, I don’t want to face an issue in water supply again.

You must keep This point in mind before buying this type of filter.

This filter system is efficient in catching dust particles. There is no denying it…


If you have calcium water in your area, then I believe your taps still could get blocked due to calcium deposits inside the pipelines.

It’s just my theory. I never had practical experience in it. I could be wrong with this as well…

One more good location where I suggest implementing this type of filter is in the washing machine water supply line.

If you have installed a washing machine outdoor, you can implement this tip, or else you cannot.

I implemented this tip as we have installed one washing machine outdoor, and it efficiently catches all the smallest dust particles. It prevents the washing machine’s inlet water filter from getting blocked.

After installing this filter on the washing machine pipeline, my washing machine water inlet filter stopped getting blocked.

I just open the overhead tank filter unit and cleaned that filter once in a while to remove all the dust particles.

This is my thought about the overhead water tank filter.

As mentioned above, it catches dust particles efficiently but it can come with a few drawbacks.

If you are okay with those few drawbacks, you can install these filters where needed.

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