If you are looking to purchase the site for construction of your house in India, then you might be thinking what are all the documents that might be required to purchase site in India then in this article we are going to guide about those documents here.

Please note: We are not a lawyer so these documents may vary from place to place or it could change with time. This guide is written from our own site purchasing experience in Bangalore in 2018. Consider this article as just guidance from the casual user. You may need more than below documents please consult an appropriate legal adviser for proper guidance during site purchasing time.

The following documents are required for purchase of converted revenue land.

  • Conversion order from government authority
  • Layout plan approved by the government authority
  • Document of ownership
  • RTC (Panni in Kannada) for 20 Years
  • EC (Encumbrance Certificate) for the last 20 years
  • Khatha certificate issued by the revenue authority
  • Tax paid receipt

Collect all the above documents from the seller and then submit the document to a legal consultant/lawyer for document verification. If any more documents are required for the legal purpose, then advise the seller to submit relevant documents for further verification then confirm the document legally correct or not. Consultation from a legal advisor is a must while buying site or land. Don’t skip this process to save lawyer fees.

After confirmation of all the documents from the legal advisor, you can then proceed to register the site with the nearby sub-register office.