If you plan to use sliding windows in your building, you might be checking sliding window grill designs…

Here, I won’t share a sliding window grill design collection. Instead, I will share the design I picked and used in my building. More importantly, the thing you need to remember regarding WELDING.

I made the same mistake… But corrected as soon as I came to know about the mistake. When I learned, we already had a ground-floor window grill ready. So we continued with the mistake on the ground floor and fixed the mistake on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors.

If you are searching for sample grill designs, you are probably at the right time to avoid that mistake.

How did I discover that grill design mistake?

See… I did not discover it. Another guy working in the same field told me about it.

That is, he is also does MS Fabrication work.

When he came to our building for some work, he saw the grill design and guided me not to do this type of grill design. This welding type is not good, and he educated me on this.

I don’t remember what and all the things he shared that time with me.

After listening to him, I understood whatever he said was True. Our Previous MS contractor didn’t guide us on this issue…

He simply guided us to pick the design that was easier for him to do. Not which is good for us.

This is what most contractors do.

That’s why I always tell users they should have some basic understanding of the subject, or else they will misguided by contractors like this.

Here is the not recommended design:

not recommended sliding window design type or welding type

If you look carefully, you will see the rod is put on another rod and welded. This type of welding is not recommended.

In terms of design and quality, this type of welding is not preferable.

Here is the Recommended Welding Type:

recommended sliding window welding design or welding type

In the above design, rods are put inside and welded. This type of welding is good. 

In terms of design and welding strength, this design is good.

Oh, you want to see my full sliding window grill design? See the below image:

sliding window grill design in my home


  1. You should have enough space to put your hand, open the lock, and slide the window.

  2. The more the rods present vertrically at the center of the grill… the more inconvience you face while opening of the window. In my design you can see square box is there in the center of the grill where we open the lock. If have this much, it’s fine. If you have more then you will face issue.

  3. My window grill technical specification

12mm Sq. Bright Rod

1 1/4" MS Flat

Many such hidden tips that are very important are shared inside my Products. If you are in the beginning stage of construction, get it, read it, and implement it.