Seller directly quoted double the price

At the end of our house construction stage, we went to buy drainage slabs.

Me and my dad went to shop for it…

The problem is that only one seller is selling the type of slab we are looking to buy in our area.

He doesn’t have any competitors for that product. So we got no chance to ask for prices from different shops.

When we asked the price, the seller quoted a price.

Initially, we didn’t have any clues about the real price of the product…

We simply asked for a discount. Seller gave 10% discount…

We didn’t show any interest in buying that yet…

So the seller asked, “You only tell how much you are ready to pay”.

We kept quiet for some time….

Without having any price clue of the product, my dad simply quoted 60 to 70% off on the original price he quoted.

After listening to our price, the seller didn’t react much.

After some back and forth, he decided to give a 50% discount on the original price he told….

We are somewhat surprised that the seller was ready to give directly 50%. We thought we could get even more discount in other stores and requested a 60% discount and left the store…

After coming outside the shop, we realised no other shops were left for that particular stone type.

One other shop we know, but it’s too far from my place. Even if we buy from there, our transportation cost itself increases.

drainage slabs

The next day, we again went to the same shop and bought the stone/slab at a 50% discount.

Imagine if we didn’t ask for such a heavy discount at first…

We could have paid double the amount of the product price.

My dad’s direct 60% discount on the original quoted price saved us from paying too much.

If you also went to shop for such an item, you may try asking for a 50% discount.

Sometimes, it may backfire; sometimes, it will work.

For us, it worked.

Meanwhile, I shared almost 98% of my house construction expenses in an Excel sheet.

Knowing how to use an Excel sheet could help cross-check the product prices you are paying with what we have paid.

Having basic price knowledge is important in shopping.

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