You will need this. Don’t sell…

When you are building your house, you will have a lot of steel rod pieces.

Some may sell those rods when a scrap vehicle comes, thinking it won’t be required anymore.

Don’t make such a mistake. You may need those steel rods till completion of your building construction work.

You obviously don’t need all those pieces. But I’m sure you will need a few for one or other work. Keep those with you.

Once all the work is over… and when you remove the shed that time, you can sell the leftover steel.

Regarding steel rods, one more important thing you need to remember very well… I shared that inside my Building Contractor Guide in the 4.33 section.

It happened in our building and it happens in most construction buildings depending on the area. I updated that section with the image as well.

Headover and check it.

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