Once we moved to our house, we slowly started ordering furniture, appliances and other stuff required for our house online.

One such item that we did order is “Washing Machine”.

Item came.

The service engineer also came and did his setup…

While doing setup, he also sold us the washing machine stand

That stand gave us more trouble than it was helpful for us.

Now we don’t use that stand anymore.

The reason is… anytime we use our washing machine, our machine always moves to a different location, and the stand doesn’t help us. 

We tried many solutions to fix this moving issue. But none of them worked.

Until one day, my brother showed me an item.

I initially laughed at the product and was told it wouldn’t work.

We tested it, and I was shocked to see the result.

If you plan to buy a new washing machine, then I don’t recommend buying a stand with it.

Or, if you already have a washing machine and your machine is moving or rotating every time you use it.

For both, here is my recommended solution.