This happened to us in our second building.

We informed our electrical contractor that we need a temporary connection as we will start the construction work.

Our contractor told let’s wait some more days.

He told us like that to save money for us… because the earthwork takes time, so let’s manage like that as he informed.

He also told me he would manage if anyone from the BESCOM department came.

Why should I say “NO” to such an offer?

So I said Okay in my half-hearted.

Earthwork started…

Footing work is going on…

Here the real picture started now.

A meter reader came to give Bill to our first house.

Our construction building is right next to the first building.

He didn’t speak or ask about the temporary connection at that moment.

JE (Junior Engineer) from BESCOM showed up within a few hours after the meter reader left the spot.

The meter reader informed JE by calling after giving the bill.

Now big drama started….

Me and my dad were sitting in front of our construction building.

JE asked us “where is Temporary connection?

I replied, “Our electrical contractor took all the req’d details but still has not installed a temporary connection.”

JE already started scolding loudly…

I informed JE to let me call our electrical contractor.

JE said… No need to call anyone.

He took photos where we took a power connection, meter reading of that connection, load used for construction work, construction spot photos, and left the spot.

You need to pay the penalty.

You come and pay the penalty in office.

We were using power from regular supply instead of temporary meter. We didn’t bypass the meter by connecting directly. But still, it’s a violation.

Unfortunately, at that movement, I couldn’t reach our electrical contractor.

I called the contractor’s son, and he told me to give the phone to JE. 

JE didn’t take our phone at that moment. He was busy scolding us.

The contractor’s son told me not to worry; we would manage in the office.

After doing drama and scolding for 30 minutes, he left the spot.

I thought we may need to pay the fees or bribe.

Fortunately, no such thing happened.

Our contractor handled them and didn’t even ask for fees or bribes.

Matter closed.

I immediately informed our contractor please arrange a temporary connection as soon as possible.

I’m not interested in getting scolded by them just to save some money.

He said okay and immediately arranged a temporary connection.

So remember that if you do any power-related work like steel cutting without a temporary connection, you may be inviting problems for yourself.

I cannot stress the importance of choosing the right electrical contractor for your building. I explained my battle-tested method in my electrical work guide.

If I didn’t choose the right guy, I would end up in paying a penalty or bribe that day.

Thanks for the lesson that we learned in our first building.

This time we didn’t make the same mistake.