Our granite contractor got a call from his previous customer saying.. “our friend wants to install parking tiles in their parking area. Can you go and do the work”? 

He asked about the location, and after hearing it, he said - sir, it’s too far from my place. If possible, try other contractors like he informed them.

As they are a previous customer, he straightly didn’t inform them “NO.”

After the owner’s request, he went to visit the area, and he agreed as it could get completed in 1 day without thinking much.

He Planned to do the tiling work on SUNDAY.

SUNDAY work Started with full FORCEEE👷

His plan was to finish the work in a single day, so he paused work on other sites and took extra persons to that site to complete the parking tiles work.

Unfortunately… The rain started coming. 🌧

Due to Rain, he couldn’t finish the work as per his plan, and he planned to do the remaining task the next day.

On NEXT Day… 

Granite contractor and I were discussing the parking work he was doing in our home, and he got a call from his team saying, “Some other persons came today… and they are not allowing us to work.

Our contractor didn’t know what was happening. 

So he called the house owner to know what was happening there. 

When he spoke to the owner, he learned he was Material Contractor, and he paused that parking work to get back his “10 Lac” from the house owner for almost 6 months.

For almost 6 months Material Contractor and this House owner had a dispute related to a money issue, and hence contractor stopped his work.

And without clearing the dispute with the old Contractor… No new contractor will do the work. 

But the house owner didn’t inform the whole story, so our contractor didn’t know about the entire story before starting work. 

And now… 👮 Police entered the scene.

By this time, our granite contractor was already fed up with their drama and asked the house owner to pay just our labor charge, and we will leave the work here itself.

The House owner told him we have nothing to pay for that Material Contractor… you can do the work.

After the matter went to the police station, our contractor finished the work and got his payment settled without any issue.

He didn’t know what happened to the House Owner and Material Contractor Payment Issue.

He did his work, collected his payment, and left the scene.

When all is Right, there is nothing you will need.. when something goes WRONG, you need all the PROOF

If the House owner had all the details and proof, then he couldn’t face this much trouble, and the material contractor didn’t behave like this. As he will also be aware that the owner will have all proof.

I learned this lesson from my previous house construction experience. 

Our old electrical contractor directly asked, “What Proof do you have” at the time of settlement.

My DAD and I couldn’t speak a word when he asked that question. 

We finally gave him the extra amount he asked for, which is around ₹15,000 more than the agreed amount. 

After learning this lesson, I adopted a new way to track Payments made to the contractors for my new house construction. 

With this method, you will always have proof, and easy to track how much you spent and where you are paying; if you got any confusion related to payment, you can always go back and check yourself and show it to your contractors. 

With this new tracking method, your contractor cannot raise a voice related to Payment issues. 

No.. no, no…

This is not just related to payment only. 

You can use my system to keep track of everything related to your House construction activity. 

For example, Payment tracking, Labour attendance tracking, Material requirement tracking, and many more thing… for me, this is like a second brain. 

I keep track of all the stuff over there. 

And I’m calling it a “House Construction Tracking System.”