Yesterday one of our relatives came to our house.

It’s just a casual visit to our house. Their house is somewhat near to our house.

They recently constructed their building… before starting their construction work, they visited our house just to discuss their construction plan and to take suggestions.

Me and my dad gave a few suggestions while discussing.

I shared a few very important things.

Auncle got a little bit impressed with my suggestion. They actively listened and said good suggestions… and left.

They went with the Material contract construction option for their building. My dad and I opposed their idea and told some material contract horror stories as well.

But they had no other option besides the material contract option because no one would be there to look after construction work.

Everyone is busy in their house.

So Auncle went with his boss suggested guy for a material contract. They have a very big trust in the contractor…

Everything went well in the beginning.

But during finishing time, some differences came between Auncle and the building contractor.

After some negotiation done by his boss with both Auncle and Contractor, both started working again.

They were not happy with their work…

Somehow they finished the building work.

Within one year, they replaced the kitchen interior, saying the quality issue at their own cost.

I don’t know if they did any other changes as well.

This is what happens with material contract.

In a material contract lot of things goes into it. But with a labour contract, you don’t need to worry much if you remember and follow a few basic principles when building your house.

I shared that basic concept in my house construction tracking system to protect new home builders.

Follow that guideline and protect yourself if any difference happens between you and the contractors. I even shared my case study and how it helped me in it.