LOL “Smart TV Brands” Online these days

While resting on my bed a few days back, I casually browsed YouTube on my mobile.

While browsing, I saw a YouTube video suggesting one video about “TV Brands”.

This is something new…

No one had ever talked about such a topic before.

It’s original content like what I share in my emails about house construction guides. But it’s related to TV.

Same TV, different TV brands at different Price Points.

Something you may never have thought of before.

When one YouTuber tried to buy a smart TV online, he came across this strange stuff…

To find out more, he ordered Two similar TVs from Different TV brands at different price points.

Once he received those, he was surprised to see similar TVs with different Brand names.

After some doubt, he decided to open both tvs to findout TV components…

What he found is interesting.

Instead of me sharing everything here in this email, I recommend you visit the YouTube video below.

It’s in Tamil language.

I can understand the Tamil language somewhat. So I have no issue in understanding it. 

Even if you don’t understand that language, I recommend watching it. At least by seeing visuals, you can get what he is doing and saying.

After or before your Housewarming function, you may need to update or change your TV. That video could give some TV Facts.

Next time you plan to order a TV, you may need to keep the above point in mind. It could save some money.

– Arun

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