It’s raining here in Bangalore… and I’m receiving SMS from Gov’t regarding rain alerts.

They are saying the rain will continue for a few more days.

I’m not the only one receiving such SMS in my family. My other family members also received such sms.

It’s a Good move by Gov’t alerting its citizens to take care.

During the rainy season, here is one tip to remember to protect your Cement Bags in the SHED.



Having a temporary Shed is


A temporary shed is not enough to protect cement bags during the rainy season.

Anytime rain comes, the atmosphere gets cold… because of the cold environment, cement will get set and form small balls/lumps inside the cement bags.

If Keept that cement bag for even more days, cement becomes completely useless.

When cement forms this type of lumps… laborers don’t prefer to use such cement for work.

You can only use such cement for concrete purposes, not finishing tasks like Plastering.

Things You Should Do to Prevent

Cold Reaching Cement in Shed:

1) Add 6" Blocks on the Ground:

cement bags inside shed

cement bags inside shed

Mostly everyone will do this job.

By keeping one row of 6" blocks above the Ground you will protect cement bags if water accidentally comes inside the shed, as they will be slightly higher than the ground level now.

Not just water entering… it prevents cold from reaching immediately from soil to cement bags when it rains.

Another advantage is it helps laborers lift cement bags easily.

A minimum of one row of 6" blocks is recommended.

2) Above 6" blocks, put some cement bags and tarpal:

protecting cement bags from cold

Cold/Moisture transfers from 6" concrete blocks as well.

To prevent even more, I recommend putting 5 empty cement bags and one good tarpal above the 6" blocks .

It would be best to cover the tarpal so that cement bags are properly covered on all 4 sides without keeping them open anywhere.

I recommend buying one tarpal, sufficient to cover cement bags properly when the shed is fully loaded with cement bags.

3) Never touch cement bags to any walls:

Maintain at least ½ feet distance from surrounding walls. Never touch cement bags to any walls.

If you touch any walls, cement bags will get cold during the rainy season, making the cement useless.

You must follow all the above tips during the rainy/cold season. Follow 1st point all the time because it helps laborers to lift cement bags.

If you follow these tips properly, you will protect the cement from getting wasted and save money.

Speaking of saving money: (yeah… 😀)

Another way you can save money is by buying cement from the right supplier.

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