Today, one of our favourite mason who built our two houses came to our house.

His name is Shafi… Good, talented and fast-working guy.

He often visits our house, have snacks, discusses with us, and leave.

Today is one such day he visited our house just to speak to us…

While discussing, he shared where work is going and how it’s going. One thing that caught my attention is…

The building he is working in is a big building which has 17 houses in it.

He explained how the electrical contractor charged the house owner 5 lakhs to move the transformer pole slightly farther from the building.

To move that, they installed a new steel pole there and moved the TC slightly farther.

For this work alone, the electrical contractor charged 5 lakhs.

He went on to say they installed TC in the building. We don’t know how much they charged for it…

It seems like electrical contractors make more money in dealing with such issues. He informed.

I replied…

Electrical contractors make more money than the building contractor if they have such issues in the building or find any rules violations,

They utilise such moments very well.

You don’t know how much engineers are asking for bribes…

Whatever the contractor says, you have to trust their words and pay the amount to the contractor. To get your job done.

If you tried to do that work for free of cost by giving a complaint to BESCOM officials, then you will be wasting your time.

How do I know?

I tried to move the electric pole, which was kept right in the middle of our road for 2 months.

I complained to all the possible departments, officials & MLA’s.

Nothing worked.

Finally, I paid ₹10,000 to the lineman, and they came within 3 days and moved the electric pole.

I know how it works.

There is no other option besides paying whatever the electrical contractors ask if you need to get your work done faster.

That’s why I shared some of the things you need to be aware of when dealing with your electrical contractor & their work in my electrical work guide.

Read multiple times if required and follow the tips I shared there.

Especially if your building is a multi-floor building.

That’s where officials have their eyes… Not on small buildings.

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