How contractors give fake RR numbers

I just finished watching the Karnataka election result. I hope Congress fulfills all it’s free guarantee to all the houses 😅 

One of their guarantees is to give 200 units of free electricity to all the houses every month! 

I still don’t know what rules they will add.

I just calculated how much it costs to the government monthly from our house. 

We have around 10 meters + 10 meters + 1 meter. So a total of 21 meters. 

21*200units free=4200 units 

4200*4rs per unit = 16,800rs. 

So it costs the government around 16K per month just from our house alone. 

How will they do it? Let’s wait and watch 🙂 

If you are in Karnataka, you will save so much money on the electricity bill from next month onwards (as per DK Promise). 

So now you can easily afford my paid “Electrical Work Guide” mini course from your one-month electricity bill if you buy now. 

Ha ha… Seriously. 

Anyway… Today I will tell you something most of you aren’t usually aware of.

Do you know that some contractors give fake RR numbers?


That’s what happened to us in our first building. We didn’t know it was fake…

When we realized it was a fake RR number, our contractor already got paid in full amount.

Once our contractor got paid, we could never reach that contractor.

So we have to do that work ourselves with BESCOM officials.

It took us almost 2 to 3 months just to get it done.

Not just time, but the headache of dealing with government officials is something you must also keep in mind.

In my Electrical work guide, I discussed this topic and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

In this guide, I have a “Payment Structure” section. I mentioned how to release payment to your contractor to ensure you have full control until all the electrical work gets over.

You may just assume I know how to make a payment.

Nope… if you do it for the first time, you won’t have this knowledge.

Trust me on this. I have a better experience.

If you follow my payment structure as explained in my guide… you will be protected from contractors scamming you.

I understand not all contractors cheat users. Who knows? What kind of contractor did you get?

If you read my guide, you will immediately understand Why and How to release payment in the right way to your electrical contractor so that all your electrical work really gets completed than you thought so.

Remember… next month onwards, “No Need to Pay Electricity Bill”😂

So Invest your Next Month’s Electricity Bill Payment in my Electrical Work Guide Now to Save More Money and Headache >>

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