Here are a few things you must be aware of on molding day.

  1. It will be a busy day. You need to manage and arrange a lot of things during molding day

  2. The more family members were available that day, more helpful

  3. You must arrange food for all the laborers on the molding day. Some owners order outside, some arrange themself, and few give money.

  4. If you arrange food outside, don’t inform the hotel that it’s for laborers. They don’t prepare quality food.

  5. If you order cement on the molding day (most of them order on the same day). Make sure properly count cement bags. Sometimes cement unloaders cheat customers by keeping fewer bags by taking advantage of their busyness.

  6. If something goes wrong in centering, you should act immediately, or else it will turn into a nightmare

  7. If you try to order molding materials (msand, jelly, etc.) at the last moment, sellers take advantage of your urgency

  8. Availability of centering guys at the site is very important to fix any minor issues while molding

  9. Check the weather report before fixing the molding date

  10. If you simply keep reading and not taking action now, then you will missout the important information 🙂

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