Recently, one of my subscriber cum customer requested me to write an article about the “Curing” guide on my blog…

I responded to his email with some tips.

That response never be as detailed as a dedicated article.

So I decided to write a sperate article on that topic… I’m already on it.

Maybe by tomorrow, I’m going to publish it on my blog.

While writing… I mentioned one point: “Buy pump offline… not online”.

I decided to explain my real story about that incident here.

Why Buy Pump Offline

Not Online

We were buying all the house construction-related materials nearby the local hardware store. In the same way, we bought our submersible pump as well.

It’s working fine… until the warranty period. The pump suddenly stopped working one month after the warranty period expired.

We checked the warranty period, and it’s already over.

The pump cost around ₹7,000+.

We didn’t know what to do… so we asked the store owner about this.

We told him everything

Warranty is Over and all.

He told us to bring the pump and warranty card, and we will see.

So we took it to the store.

And asked him, we needed a “pump for work immediately"… and asked if he could give us a new one.

To our surprise, he did.

In the offline shop, he gave me a new pump taking an already warranty-expired pump!

What if you bought online?

Getting the alternative product could have taken at least a few weeks if it’s available under warranty. 

Time is very important when you are dealing with laborers.

We cannot wait weeks by stopping all the work to get a replacement.  

Isn’t it great?

It worked because we bought all the house construction-related products from him, not from other shops.

So it worked for us.

I cannot guarantee this will work for you.

But I can say that shopping offline is helpful if such an issue happens. Especially, if you shop from only one shop without price shopping with other shops.

Not always…!

Oh… Wait, don’t think the “shopping nearby shop” rule is applicable while buying cement.

If you are buying cement from nearby shops, you may unknowingly paying extra cost like I did.

I would recommend everyone to go through my Cement Pricing Secrets once to save money on cement.