Solar Hot Water during summer

This morning, I noticed something that was going unnoticed for quite a few days…

I’m bathing mostly in cold water instead of hot solar water.

In our first building, we have solar hot water available. But we are not using it when it’s doing its job at its peak time. That is during summertime.

If we turn on the hot water tap, the hot water is always ready.

But we all prefer to keep our bodies cool as much as possible during summer, so we use cold water for showers.

I’m not sure about you…

I asked a few of my family members, and most of them said cold, not hot water.

This is the irony of solar water heaters.

When you don’t need it, it works at its peak. When you need it most, it performs a moderate job.

This is something you should think about and consider before getting solar hot water.

If you were using a solar panel instead of a solar water heater, it could have generated electricity that you can use to save money on your electricity bill.

Now, it’s simply a waste of resources.

The only disadvantage I can think of right now is the Budget. If your Budget is not a problem, simply go with solar panels.

That’s what I suggest…

If you still want to go with solar water heater… That’s also ok.

Remember the few points I shared inside my Building Contractor Guide at 4.37, 4.38 & 4.51 while constructing.

If you are interested, click on the below link to learn more:

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